Christmas concert

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Ages: All

Ability: Any

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What we’re working on

Click rehearse to play along with us and our backing track. Click music to find the PDF download of your part. Click lesson to book a slot with one of our amazing teachers and have a one-to-one lesson on the piece of your choice.

Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells

Music Library

All music is available to download for free for Friends of Hanson Community Arts and those that regulalrly attend our groups. Just use the appropriate Coupon Code at the checkout and the price will be reduced to zero.

Join us In Person or Online

Our weekly groups are now available online! This means if you are unable to join us at our rehearsal space you can book your place in our live rehearsal from the comfort of your home. Our sessions are all completely interactive which means you won’t just be watching the rehearsal, you’ll actually be getting involved in answering questions, playing along and all the other fun stuff that happens in the session. Click on the button below to check for availability.

Video Content

We are now creating video tutorials for all the pieces we cover in our weekly rehearsals. These will offer advice with individual parts and help to guide your practice between each session.

Friends of Hanson Community Arts

Hanson Community Arts is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to give every person the chance to get involved in the arts. The running of such an organisation does not come cheap, and it is made sustainable by the help of many generous individuals and organisations such as Arts Council England and Friends of Hanson Community Arts. Friends of Hanson Community Arts donate any amount they can to the organisation so that we continue providing education and happiness through the arts to the community. If you are able, we would love it if you could click the button below and become a Friend of Hanson Community Arts today by donating. 

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